To facilitate better connections between people and creeks by providing a web platform with creek information; by promoting equitable engagement of communities surrounding creeks; and, by organizing a collaborative relationship among stakeholders.



01. Pilot phase web development

    Building on prototypes created during the MyCreekATX Charrette and Hack, the pilot phase of MyCreekATX web development will involve a fully-functional build-out of the MyCreekATX website for six of Austin’s forty-five major creeks. In the coming months, we hope to secure grant funding to accomplish this goal at which point we will begin a selection process for a web development consultant.  In addition to a funding requested for consultant fees, part of grant requests will be oriented toward providing a full time administrative staff person to work with the consultant and carry out committee directives. 

02.equitable engagement

    Many creeks in Austin are lucky to have advocates and community members fighting on their behalf to maintain and enhance their natural beauty, ecological function, and community value. However, many of Austin’s 45 major creeks, specifically in east Austin, have not been managed as community resources. This equitable engagement initiative aims to remedy this by engaging underserved communities and by establishing community-specific goals for advocacy and creek stewardship. We hope to secure grant funding to begin equitable engagement efforts by hiring one full time and one part time staff person tasked with planning and carrying out equitable engagement efforts. The advisory committee will identify and interview potential outreach program officers and will continue to direct and oversee all actions of these staff. The Outreach Program officer will be responsible for initial engagement efforts to determine our first target community; and, will establish an equitable engagement plan.

03.stakeholder collaboration

    The overall goal of stakeholder collaboration is to establish an method for facilitating creek advocacy efforts in Austin that can guide united advocacy for all of Austin’s creeks. Part of grant requests will be oriented toward providing a full time administrative staff person to facilitate ongoing stakeholder collaboration and carry out committee directives.